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Community Newspapers deliver a powerful impact. About our readers:

  • They earn 85% more money than the national average
  • They spend 50% more time reading our newspapers than the national average
  • Only about one-third of our readers read the Denver Post.

We have a personal connection with our readers, which provides our advertisers with immediate credibility and value.

Community Newspapers are strong. Residents are eager for news about their own communities, which increasingly, only we provide.

Each week, we print and deliver 18 newspapers with a circulation of 143,000 in the suburbs of Denver. When you add in our website traffic, that translates to more than 300,000 readers.

Each week, we print and deliver 18 hyper-local community newspapers with a circulation of 132,000 mostly in the affluent suburbs of metro Denver. When you add in our website traffic, that translates to more than 300,000 readers! And monthly, we publish two home delivered community newspapers to trendy downtown Denver neighborhoods with another 39,500 in circulation.

readership survey Highlights

  • They earn 85% more than the national average.
  • Readers average 50% more time reading our newspaper than the national average.
  • 35% plan on buying a new or used car in the next 12 months
  • Only about one-third of them read the Denver Post.
  • 83% make purchases of products/services from our advertisers. 
  • 94% own their own home.

Print Ads

We make it easy for you to buy an ad in one or all of our 20 community newspapers. One rep, one bill. Your ads appears in full color, without an upgrade charge, this makes them more effective. Our newspapers average 1.75 readers per copy.

When you advertise in our newspapers, your ad also appears on our online directory reaching more than 83,000 unique visitors on our websites. These listings enhance your ad through greater visibility, SEO, as well as creating backlinks to your website, social media and much more.

To reach a focused high-income target market, advertise in our Douglas County combination. We reach more than 72,000 households each week in Douglas County, the eighth wealthiest county in the country. It's also home to seven of the nine Colorado Fortune 500 corporate headquarters.

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Inserts and Print & Deliver

Inserts are a great way to deliver your message to all readers. Want a two-sided piece, a brochure or multiple-page magazine? We have options for every client's needs. Flyers inserted into the center of the paper gives readers the opportunity to hold onto your message longer.

Front Page Stickers

Your message will be on the front page of the paper and stick out for readers to notice first. Available in various shapes, full color and so much more!

Special Publications

Colorado Community Media has more than 20 opportunities yearly for you to participate in a dedicated special section. Sections range from education, community guides, Best of the Best, events and so much more.

Design Service

Our award-winning production department is here to help you design your ads, stickers, inserts, web ads - any product you would like. All design services are FREE for all of Colorado Community Media product offerings.

Solutions Designed For You

Our programs help you plan, implement and track your marketing and advertising programs. To find out more watch this short video or Call 303-566-4074 or email for your Free Marketing Strategy Evaluation Today!

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