Why Colorado Community Media

Community Connections that Enrich Lives

On Nov. 24, 1866 - 10 years before Colorado's Statehood - the newspaper that would become our Golden Transcript was published. That milestone began a journey towards creating community, enriching lives and supporting the democracy on which our country is built - the mission to which we are vigorously dedicated. 

As the only local news resource in the Metro-Denver area focused on helping readers and community members enjoy a better life, we are integral to the fabric of the communities.

We stay current on the latest marketing solutions so that you can focus on running your business. We designed our Maximize Your Impact™ program, integrating print, digital and other tools, to provide trackable results that help you achieve your goals.


Our reporters are passionate about the pulse and culture of our communities. They understand readers’ concerns and what topics they enjoy. By being engaged in each of our diverse communities - and creating unique publications and online content - we are highly relevant. This personal connection provides our advertisers with immediate credibility.

We deliver value to our advertisers and readers. This is how we succeed and thrive.


We are integral to the fabric of the communities we serve. We are a part of people's daily lives. We are the only local news resource in the Metro-Denver area focused on helping our readers and community members enjoy better lives. This is what drives our team to be our best on a daily basis.

We actively help build stronger communities and improve lives by:

  • Creating stronger neighborhood connectivity - each publication is unique to its specific area
  • Serving as watchdog and community advocate for important issues
  • Promoting and supporting charity and community programs, often at no cost
  • Covering local events and important lifestyle/improvement topics. Life should be enjoyed.
  • Being present and engaged in the local communities we serve.

We look forward to introducing you to our communities and helping you succeed in your business goals.


According to our most recent reader survey, readers hunger for the content we provide. 60% frequently make product and services purchasing decisions. Our publications are well-established - some more than 100 years old - and are an active part of our readers' overall lives and weekly routines. Our longevity and reader connection provide our advertisers immediate credibility.

Readers have the choice of catching up on the latest community news in our print publications, on their desktops, tablets or smart phones. Our content is delivered across all relevant channels to provide readers with better engagement.

As an advertiser, we will help you create the right multi-channel program to maximize your ROI. We look forward to showing you how we can work together.

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