Detailed Marketing Results Dashboards

Relevant and accurate results tracking is critical to your marketing program's success. How many people are seeing your ads? How many are taking action that generates business? Colorado Community Media's Comprehensive Real-Time Dashboards track and report your consumer engagement and actions. The result is actionable business intelligence.

Guessing is not the same as knowing. Know where your marketing dollars are driving return on investment. Are you reaching the right people? Are they engaging with your ads? Where should you best allocate your marketing dollars?

  • We supply call-tracking solutions so you can know exactly how many calls were generated. You can see if calls were answered and even listen to a recording of the resulting conversations. 
  • See how many email leads you received and review the content.
  • Increase consumer interactions via our Direct Response solutions, which allows your potential consumers to request an appointment, click-to-call you, and share your marketing message across multiple social channels.
  • We can provide you with targeted landing pages that reinforce your special offers or call-to-action, this will increase your conversion rates.

Get a better grasp on how your marketing dollars are working for you. Call your trusted local Colorado Community Media Marketing & Community Engagement Specialist today.

Solutions Designed For You

Our programs help you plan, implement and track your marketing and advertising programs. To find out more watch this short video or Call 303-566-4074 or email for your Free Marketing Strategy Evaluation Today!

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